Blindtex Brochures 

Our Brand New 40 Page Brochure Now Available To Order

Showcasing every one of our latest products from our 2016 Portfolio, we have utilized our professional photography and graphic designers, plus expert content writers to produce a stunning brochure. So save yourself the hassle and headache of finding printing companies, approving artwork or having to apply hundreds of company address labels to the back pages!   

We are currently taking orders online, and can supply you with customised brochures which will include your business name and details.

Benefits To You

  • Save time, money and effort

  • Receive a professional high quality printed brochure

  • Have your company name, address and logo on the back page

  • Obtain a far more competitively priced brochure

  • Your brochures delivered direct to your door

Orders & Delivery:

  • Last date to submit your order is 1st July 2016

  • Brochure delivery on 15th July 2016

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